Division of Legislative Clerk

The Legislative Clerk shall report to and receive direction from the Speaker of the Legislature. It shall be the duty of the Legislative Clerk to:

1. Direct and supervise the establishment of files and records of all legislation, correspondence and reports pertinent to legislative duties of the Legislature;

2. Prepare agenda for the daily sessions of the Legislature;

3. Supervise the preparation of status tables and journals for use by the Legislature and secure Members' signature to committee reports;

4. Call the roll of Members at the commencement of each meeting and report the presence or absence of a quorum to the Speaker, and keep records of all Members present, absent and excused, causing the same to be printed in the Journal upon request;

5. Have charge of all the records of the Legislature and be responsible for the same, and on no account permit original documents to be withdrawn from his keeping unless ordered by the Speaker;

6. Make concise and complete memoranda of all petitions, motion, resolution, amendments and other matters brought before the Legislature, and their disposition (such memoranda to state the nature of the matter and give the name of the introducer, and to be dated each day; and such memoranda together with other matters ordered to be place therein shall constitute the Journal of the day);

7. Read all bills, resolutions and other matter;

8. Forward at once all letters, communications or other matters, received by him, to the proper parties, either directed to of through a committee, as the case maybe;

9. Deliver to the chairman of the appropriate committee all petitions, resolutions, bills or other matters duly referred to such committees;

10. Prepare for the respective committees, to which have been referred subjects contained in the messages of the Speaker, a memorandum of the subjects so referred;

11. Attach to any bill or instrument which, in the absence of the Speakerand Vice-Speaker, has been signed by the Speaker Pro-Tempore, a certificate setting forth that such Speaker Pro-Tempore was duly serving;

12. Maintain an record of all urgent bills and report the current status daily to the Legislature;

13. Countersign all acts of the Legislature by his signature thus attesting to the authentication by the Speaker;

14. Provide copying services as may be requested by the committees of the Legislature;

Do and perform all other critical duties pertaining to the position of the Legislative Clerk as the Legislature shall from time to time direct, ad as shall by law or by the Rules of Procedure or by this Manual be assigned to him; and

16. Perform other Legislative duties as assigned. 

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