The Division of Administration and Budget shall be headed by a Chief od Administration and Budget, who shall report to and recieve direction from the Speaker. In general, the Chief of Administration and Budget is responsible for the administration of the financial and personnel requirements of the Legislature. In addition to supervising the operation and flow of work within the Division, the Chief of Administration and Budget shall provide staff support to the Finance Committee of the Legislature. Additionally, the Chief of Administration and Budget shall:

1. Provide technical expertise for the review of the annual state budget, and for the formulation of the annual Budget Transmission Act and the Comprehensive Budget Act subject to review by the Legislative Counsel or his designee;

2. Prepare the annual operating and supplemental budgets of the Legislature;

3. Supervise the maintenance of general ledgers that reflect the budgetary status of the Pohnpei Legislature;

4. Serve as back-up to the Financial Analyst (Cf. Sec. 5-3); and 

5. Perform other Legislative duties as assigned.
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