Kaselehlie and Welcome to the website of the Pohnpei Legislature, your gateway into the workings of the law making branch of the government of the State of Pohnpei.

The 23 Senators of the Ninth Pohnpei Legislature are pleased that you are visiting this website, and we hope you will have the opportunity to visit the Capital of Pohnpei and personally observe the Legislature, its members, and its committees in action.

But we are an island state and many of you who are accessing this website are living abroad and will be unable to visit us in person.  For those of you who are currently residing on the island of Pohnpei, quick reference and convenient access to the Legislature and its activities may be why you are connecting to our website. For all of you, both here and abroad, this site is intended to give you an inside look into the workings of your assembly of elected lawmakers, including information on your own individual State Senators, details on legislative bills and other measures that are being introduced into legislative process, calendar dates and venues for committee hearings and meetings, documents pertaining to committee inquiries and reports, the textual contents of the laws and resolutions that have been recently enacted and adopted by this Assembly, and the Pohnpei Code which is the organized collection of all of the permanent laws of the State of Pohnpei.

We invite you to explore the contents of this website at length and to connect to its links which will, in turn, open digital doors into the many aspects of our legislative undertakings that are occurring on a daily basis.  But this website is not intended to be only a series of one way doors. We sincerely welcome your input into the many legislative processes that you see chronicled on this website. Your participation in the legislative conversation is very important to us for the Pohnpei Legislature exists to serve the needs of our people, and we, as your elected representatives, are committed to ensuring that the Pohnpei Legislature answers its call and fulfills its mission. 

Ni wahu oh karakarahk, se patohwan kasik sapwelimomwail kaweid kan me pahn kamwauihla oh kadaiala epwelpen sahpis wet.


Fernando Scaliem


Ninth Pohnpei Legislature

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